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«Clean» by Julia Staniszewska
photo by Marion Neumann

a place I know well

cultural exchange project between 9 artists at the Laboratoir Village Nomade, in colaboration with Pro Helvetia, 07.09. – 04.10.2008
exhibition in PROGR, Bern 27.09. – 04.10.2008

project developed and organized by Marion Neumann & Juliette Forster


While thinking about spaces and environments in which we live, and which influence us,we can see nowadays that the meaning of personal space and our relationship to the places we belong to has changed in our present society, mainly influenced by mobility, simultaneity and globalization. We are increasingly comfortable with moving between many places and with this movement comes a constant quest for personal spaces within rapidly changing surroundings.
«feeling home» in this world of constant travellers became mostly a construction and projection which is built through elements we find in our daily life — a taste, a smell, a sound makes us recognise something familiar — some others elements we invent in our fantasy.


Invited artists:
Ann Guillaume, France
Isamu Krieger, Switzerland
Julia Staniszewska, Poland
Lelya Goor, France
Pascal Hachem, Libanon
Patrizia Karda, Switzerland
Ronny Hardliz, Switzerland
Sudhu Tewari, USA
Tamlyn Young, South Africa